This week shows 76% of business owners indicated they would “seriously consider” an alternative to such financing if approached. A merchant cash advance option was indicated by a majority of business owners as favorable due to the fast approval times, larger funding amount, and the lack of a credit check requirement.

Most business owners in need of financing do so in order to acquire additional supplies from large wholesalers. Merchant cash advances aid business owners in keeping up with the marketplace by planning for emerging trends and tastes while keeping employees active and happy.

A large portion of respondents, 86%, said their relationship with their bank has soured since starting traditional bank funding programs.’s data shows that 92% of business owners would choose a merchant cash advance to fund ipay payroll funding a second time versus 43% of business owners who would choose a second business loan. Jason Loews said, “The ease of a merchant cash advance and the large funding amounts brings a lot of our customers back to expand their business to more locations.