Unfortunately, merchant cash advances have carried the habit of requiring every small business to change merchant processors in order to receive their loan, while requiring the business to pay back the advance in only four months. Understandably, small businesses have seemed to prefer alternative unsecured business loans, while merchant cash advances have lacked popularity.

In 2011 however, as the demand for unsecured business loans peaked, MerchantCashinAdvance announced the release of the advance merchant cash advance program that differed than most unsecured business lending. Being the first of its kind- the program allows any business to continue processing with their existing merchant provider, while allowing the business to pay back the loan over the course of a full 12 months, reports MerchantCashinAdvance.

"We did it simply because business needed it. In 2011, 9 out of every 10 businesses are denied for traditional business loans. The majority of businesses rely heavily on their merchant account processing sales... an advance program without credit requirements and without merchant account restrictions is simply a necessity for American business at this point. It is important to keep any existing merchant processing relationship strong.." stated Mark Quinones, MerchantCashinAdvance's CEO